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About Us

Here it is and how it started.......
I Shane Mackenzie (owner / operator)  have lived on the Pitt River my whole life, my backyard was literally the lower Pitt  River! Being the grandson of an owner of a tug boat company I have been fortunate enough to live and work on the Fraser and Pitt Rivers almost my whole life! I grew up fishing the Fraser and Pitt. If there is a good hole I know about it! Not only do I work on the tug boats but almost of all my free time is spent doing what I love! From salmon to sturgeon you can bet I know where to find them! My passion and love for fishing lead me to start this company in 2008. When I started the company I knew I had to have a boat that could deliver!!! So I ordered a 2009, 22' custom hells canyon marine jet boat and let me tell you from the bar b q on the back deck, the capatin chairs, sound system and extra heater for those cold days,it is a true beauty! Come aboard and let me show you how to slay sturgeon on the lower Pitt and Fraser in style!


Reasons to choose Burning Reel

Burning reel is not only your best bet for fishing but for tours, water taxi trips and anything else you can think of that involves boating!

Reason 1
We offer water taxi trips for businesses and anyone who wants to discover Pitt lake!

Reason 2
Wether it be a tour of the upper Pitt by truck , a taxi trip or a fishing expedition you can bet you will enjoy yourself! Excellent sound system, all the latest and best fishing gear, bar b q on the boat and a wicked ride, it would be hard not to enjoy yourself!

Reason 3
We also offer custom packages! Not only do we have the boat but we have vehicles at the head of Pitt lake just in case you want to explore a little further! The head of Pitt lake offers everything from beautiful scenery, the hidden gem "hotsprings" , hidden salmon fishing spots and wicked wildlife. Please call us if you have something in mind and we will help make it a reality!

Reason 4
We are perfect for family outings, special occasions, stags (oh yeah we have and it was awesome), or just some good old "guy time" or "girl time"!